About TasteOverTime

Taste changes over the years. TasteOverTime is your resource for tasteful ideas, recipes and meals to ensure great taste as time marches on.

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What is TasteOverTime?

TasteOverTime is a website focused on taste and aging! We aim to be a go-to for:

  • Advice on great tasting foods and beverages for health and well being
  • Know-how, tips and techniques about the sense of taste
  • Resources for eating and drinking while aging tastefully

TasteOverTime Mission

To be the go-to website for state-of-the-art information and services about taste and aging for:

  • Consumers and the public
  • Food, nutrition, health, medical and science professionals
  • Advertising and public relations agencies
  • Food and beverage manufacturers
  • Media and social media

Why TasteOverTime?

The global population is aging faster than any other demographic. Since taste diminishes with age, many people may not have information, tools and techniques to address changing tastes.

As a result, nutrition, health and well-being may suffer. The target audience of TasteOverTime is aged 50+ years; however, tasteful recipes, tools and techniques will have broader appeal to people of all ages and circumstances.

TasteOverTime is primarily designed for people who shop and cook. We also appeal to people who use pre-packed foods and beverages to “cook off” from food retailers, or “add on to” from restaurants.

TasteOverTime also aims to serve care providers responsible for food and nutrition decision-making, and healthcare professionals who provide food and beverage advice to their patients and clients.

More About TasteOverTime

TasteOverTime is overseen and written by Jacqueline B. Marcus, MS, RDN, LDN, CNS, FADA, FAND, international award-winning Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist with culinary and gerontology training, and the author of 40 books on food, nutrition, the culinary arts and aging.

TasteOverTime offers a wide-range of services, including consulting, visual and printable materials, recipes, menus, videos, links and more to suit a wide variety of tastes, reader needs and learning styles.

Jacqueline B. Marcus, MS, RDN, LDN, CNS, FADA, FAND

Jacqueline B. Marcus, TheFitFoodPro, is an award-winning, internationally recognized expert in taste and aging, who believes that tasty food is the key to optimal nutrition, disease prevention, health promotion, and improved life quality.

She is President/Owner of Jacqueline B. Marcus & Associates Food & Nutrition Consulting. As one of the world’s top experts in food, nutrition and aging, Jacqueline merges her culinary and nutrition training into palatable advice to help greet aging with good taste and well-being.

Jacqueline is a Registered and Licensed Dietitian/Nutritionist, holds a Masters degree in Food Science and Nutrition, a Certificate of Training in Gerontology, is a Certified Nutrition Specialist, and a twice Fellow of the Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics (aka American Dietetic Association). Jacqueline is an accomplished cookbook and nutrition author, sought-after speaker, spokesperson and science-based food and nutrition authority.

She was honored with the Medallion Award from The Academy of Nutrition and Dietetics, and the Outstanding Alumni Award from Northern Illinois University College of Health and Human Sciences, where she is also an Appointed Member of the Northern Illinois University Alumni Association Board of Directors.

Throughout Jacqueline’s extensive and distinguished food and nutrition career, she penned 40 books on food, nutrition and health that included two award-winning texts, Aging, Nutrition and Taste: Nutrition, Food Science and Culinary Perspectives for Aging Tastefully (Elsevier, 2019), and Culinary Nutrition: The Science and Practice of Healthy Cooking (Elsevier, 2014).

Jacqueline’s recent notable cookbooks include Protein Power, The Keto Diet Cookbook, Anti-Inflammation Cookbook, Gut Healthy Cookbook, The DASH Diet Cookbook, Incredible Coconut, and Eat Fat Lose Weight (Publications International, Ltd. (all 2016-19).

Renowned as TheFitFoodPro, Jacqueline offers food and nutrition services for the public, health, medical and professionals, food service and culinary industries, food manufacturers, and advertising and public relations firms. Her roster of clients have included Ajinomoto USA, Inc., Aldi US, Barilla, Campbell’s Healthcare, Custom Culinary, Lettuce Entertain You, McDonald’s, The Kroger Co., Quaker Oats and Weight Watchers International, among numerous others.

Jacqueline’s science-based food and nutrition interviews and writing have appeared in such diverse print and electronic media as Asian Restaurant News, Better Homes & Gardens, Food Technology, Food & Nutrition, Innova Market Insights, Restaurants and Institutions, Runner’s World, Shape, TIME Asia, TIME Europe, Today’s Dietitian, Vegetarian Times, Weight Watcher’s and the World of Food Ingredients, among countless others.

Jacqueline’s focus on taste and aging in TasteOverTime showcases her very diverse and flavored career with many future ventures and opportunities.

My Story

I’ve always had discriminating taste. But not all good.

Growing up, I was expected to eat everything, so I manipulated my foods to make sure everything tasted “just right”.

This usually involved condiments, like BBQ sauce, ketchup, soy sauce, Worcestershire sauce—and all things pickled. Who knew these tasty pleasures deliver the fifth taste of umami?

Fish was on the weekly menu. The only way I could stomach it was with sour cream and lemon juice, while I held my nose! Strangely enough, I was an early adaptor of sardines—again with lemon. Who knew acid balances the sweetness of fish?

I loved long-cooked dishes, like stews and casseroles. And most foods overcooked, since my mother only knew one degree of doneness. This meant browned crusts on everything crustable—and yes, burnt toast. Who knew slow cooking and browning makes foods yummy?

Fast forward to my career in culinary nutrition, when I was approached by an ingredient company to teach everything about taste, with an emphasis on taste and aging. It’s been a 30-year adventure—the passion of my life’s work, and the inspiration for this website. Who knew taste matters?

My early taste preferences for umami-rich and acidic ingredients foretold my sense of taste today—like why I like chocolate after Mexican food, and aged Parmesan cheese as a taste uniter. I now love all the basic tastes (acidic, bitter, salty, sweet and umami or savory), and how they masterfully shape food desires, health and well-being. Who knew taste could be so vital?

Basic tastes tend to change over the years—often unknowingly. It’s my goal to be your go-to resource for tasteful ideas, recipes and meals to ensure great tasting, desirable foods and beverages as time marches on.

Jacqueline TheFitFoodPro

Happy Clients and Colleagues Around the World

“To be a successful person, not only a writer, you need to feel life - go around the world, make friends, understand their cultures, eat some of their food - like Jacqueline did many times.”
Dr. ir. Renata JANUSZEWSKA
Global R&D Sensory Manager
Barry Callebaut Belgium NV
Golda E. Ewalt | Director, Food and Nutrition Services | OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center
“I absolutely loved working with Jacqueline on her book project!  During my work with her I learned a great deal about food styling and photography that I have carried over into my work. I admire Jacqueline’s focus, determination, attention to detail and respect for what others bring to the table. Jacqueline’s work is insightful and innovative!”
Golda E. Ewalt, MS, RD, LDN, CEC
Director, Food and Nutrition Services
OSF HealthCare Saint Francis Medical Center
Mary Etta Moorachian | College of Culinary Arts | Johnson & Wales University
“Jacqueline Marcus and I share a passion for food, as well as the integration of taste for achieving and maintaining optimal nutritional health.  She holds my utmost respect and admiration for continuously seeking out and ensuring sound scientific and research-based recommendations. Throughout her professional career as a Registered Dietitian/Nutritionist, Jacqueline demonstrated a dedicated devotion to nutrition and aging, leading to an expertise in achieving prime health.”
Mary Etta Moorachian, PHD, RD, CCP
Retired Professor
College of Culinary Arts | Johnson & Wales University
Kyleigh Wawak | Innovation Director | Salesforce
“Jacqueline was my Culinary Nutrition professor nearly 15 years ago, and since I've been fortunate to know her in many ways - as an excellent teacher, colleague, mentor, and friend. It's been my great pleasure to work with her on a few of her many, many books. She is a prolific author with unparalleled expertise, and always at the cutting edge of what's next.

Jacqueline is a powerhouse of culinary nutrition knowledge, creativity, and professionalism. I'm constantly inspired by her professional curiosity and drive to be at the forefront of the industry.”
Kyleigh Wawak
Innovation Director
“Jacqueline Marcus possesses an incredible ability to communicate her vast knowledge of food and nutrition in a way that engages and empowers readers to make the best and right choices for their individual needs. Whether exploring general aspects of nutrition, or nutrition for a specific demographic, Jacqueline’s ability to ‘connect the dots’ between good food and food that’s good for you is practical, applicable, and accessible. Her proven passion for delicious nutrition is evident in her work.”
Nancy Maragioglio
Sr. Acquisitions Editor
TasteOverTime - Testimonials - Debbie and Carlos Nieto
“We've known Jacqueline as a patron, colleague and friend for many years. We're quite impressed with her reputation in the food and nutrition industries--this is what brings us together!

Like Jacqueline, we believe that taste matters--as shown by our diverse and very flavorful menus that emphasize organic, fresh, and local ingredients. Also, like Jacqueline, our tastes represent our mutual interests in travel and culture that we all bring to the table.”
Debbie and Carlos Nieto
About TasteOverTime - Jacqueline B Marcus - TheFitFoodPro - Testimonials